Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where have you been?

I had almost forgotten that I used to do a blog.  Then I started looking through some old facebook posts and "rediscovered" it.   I realized how much I enjoyed it and how it helped me catalog things that were going on with the kids.   So I decided I would start it back up again.  

This has been a busy week.   Princess has been busy with The Music Man rehearsals.   She is a girl after her mama's heart.   She loves the stage and all that goes with it.   I'm really looking forward to seeing the play next week-end.

Rman has decided that he wants to learn computer coding so he has been doing lessons on the computer.   I hope he can learn enough to write a popular game/app and make me.....uh, I mean   Haha.  

Tomorrow is our first "free Friday" of the the year.   Hellooo beautiful.