Monday, January 24, 2011

Remember the 10

Hard to believe that the 10 year anniversary of the OSU plane crash is upon us.  There are several events in a person's life where you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news:  the Challenger explosion, the Murrah bombing, 9/11...this is one of those events for me. 

We were living in Starkville, MS and I was pregnant with Reese.  Living in the heart of the SEC, I didn't get to watch every basketball game as I did when living in Oklahoma.  Although I tried to keep up on the message boards, I hadn't logged on that weekend.  Sunday afternoon, my mother called and asked if I had been watching TV.  I hadn't so she told me what had happened.  I was in shock.   I immediately turned on ESPNews, where they were running wall to wall coverage of the tragedy.

The rest of afternoon I sat, watched, and, yes, mourned.  Although I didn't know any of the 10 personally, it still profoundly affected me.  I had grown up watching Bill Teegins on Channel 9 and listening to him call the Cowboys games.  I felt like I knew him.  I also didn't know Will Hancock.  However, I still felt a connection as I grew up a few miles from where his family still owns the hometown newspaper.  And as those associated with OSU, they were part of a larger family of mine--OSU Cowboys.

I feel that OSU basketball is just really beginning to recover from all the aftershocks of that horrible day. It certainly had a horrible effect on the Sutton family, who shouldered the burden for so many.  I'm sure there are many other stories that will never be told of friends, family, co-workers of those lost.  This is one of those senseless tragedies that the answer to "why?" never becomes clear.    

Even today, as I read newspaper accounts and watch ESPN specials commemorating the event, I become all teary.  I wonder why these lives were taken and what they could be contributing if they were still with us today.  I'm glad that OSU has not forgotten, that the university continues to remember and honor those who lost their lives that day.

I so wish I could be at the game Wednesday but will be watching on television and cheering the Pokes on to victory, as I usually do.  This time I will also be remembering the 10. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lovin' Legos

Ever since R man was 4, he has loved Legos.  He has literally thousands of them from receiving kits as Christmas and birthday gifts over the years.  Nowadays, however, he just makes his own creations.  Friday he spent a little time making these vehicles, then played with them for several hours--driving them around, making car sounds (and explosion sounds for when they blew something up).  I love his creativity...and who knows, maybe he has an engineering future in store!

 Of course, big guns are always involved!
 His "droidica"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sickness rules the day

Today three of us are home sick.  The R man is the only one who made it school/work.  He honestly wasn't real happy about having to go to school while the rest of us were staying home. 

Princess is on day 4 of her illness and we're going back to the doctor in a bit.  Steven is on day 2 but so far is too stubborn to go to the doctor.  I think he has the flu but if he wants to lay on the couch and be miserable, I guess he can!  I'm probably the least sick of the three of us but as soon as I get Princess to the doctor and back, I'm going to take a nice long nap.

The thing about being sick is it makes you appreciate being healthy, which most of the time we take for granted.  And isn't that the way life usually is?  We take the good things for granted as normal until they are no longer there and then we realize how blessed we are to have them.  I know I always say I'm going to do better at being thankful, but pretty soon the day to day takes over and I'm right back to where I was before.  But for today anyway, I'm grateful for our normally healthy, hectic lives!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A big week for the princess

Miss K had a huge week!  On Wednesday she got her hair cut.  It was all one length and to the middle of her back.  She got it cut to  the shoulders, with long layers and a few bangs.  She was very excited!

Then on Thursday, she got contacts.  New hair plus no glasses has really changed her look.  She's doing well with the contacts, although she can't put them in yet--I have to do it for her.  Not a big deal to me, although when she goes to a friends or to her grandparents it may be kind of difficult for her. 

 She's certainly all girl and it's so fun to do these things with her.  She gets so pumped about them.  She's really a sweetheart and I love her to pieces.  I didn't get a picture of her with her contacts so I'll try to get that soon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

So much for that!

Well so much for all that blogging I was going to do in 2010!  We'll see if I'm any better at it in 2011.