Why I blog

I began reading my friend Lacy's blog and was inspired!  I used to love to scrapbook--it combined two of my favorite activities: photography and journaling.  Unfortunately, once kids and life in general took over, my scrapbooking went down the tubes!  I have finished Reese's first year and gotten to month 3 in Kinley's scrapbook and that's it.  So I decided I would start a blog and document everyday life, as well as my kids growth.

In December 2010 I upgraded my old Canon Rebel G to a digital Rebel Xsi.  I absolutely love it.  I never had the patience to take pictures, write down all the settings I used, and learn from my mistakes after the pictures were developed.  Now I have instant results.  My photography skills have definitely grown this year.  However, it is nowhere near where I would like it to be.  I  hope to document my continued growth with photography as well as Photoshop Elements 9 (which I got for Christmas).

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