Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Review: The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady

The premise of "The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady" is an 80 year old woman, Marylou, obsessed with exacting revenge on the doctor who gave her radioactive cocktails at a free clinic she attended while pregnant in the 1950's.  She had a daughter who died at age 8.  She finds the doctor living in Tallahassee with his daughter and her family, who each have their own issues to deal with.  Wilson, the doctor, is in the early stages of dementia and doesn't seems to remember Marylou or the situation. 
This book had potential but didn't really live up to it.  It had it's moments but as a whole didn't really work.  The ending was very abrupt and unbelievable.  There were also several loose ends that were left untied at the end.  The issues the family members were dealing with were very serious but were either dealt with unsatisfactorily ( to me) or left hanging.  I think the book would have been better if she had narrowed the focus of the book and not tried to deal with so many issues.

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