Thursday, April 21, 2016


I completed my last chemotherapy treatment this Tuesday, April 19th.   What a great feeling!   This time when I get to feeling better in two weeks I will not have to go back and get the meds again.   Whoo hoo!  

I met with the radiation oncologist Tuesday as well and will start radiation on May 16th.  I will go five days a weeks for six and a half weeks.   That will be a lot of driving but I'm sure it will pass quickly as well.  

God has been so faithful and good during this time.   He has provided and loved us so well through our friends, family, and our church.

On another subject, the kids only have four more weeks of school left.   R man will start high school next year.   I can't believe that it has flown by so quickly.   Kinley will start seventh grade.   They both have so many exciting things in store for them and I can't wait to experience it all with them!

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