Friday, April 1, 2016

The best laid plans....

All the good intentions of keeping up with my blog since I had so much time on my hands.   Out the window.   But maybe I will start keeping up with it now.   Maybe.

Today is the kids first band competition.  It's a Seiling this afternoon and I'm trying to decided whether or not to go.   It's driving me crazy to not go but at the same time I know it would wear me out.   It doesn't start until 3:00 so I still have time to decide because it's only 10:00 a.m. as I write this.  

Either way, the Princess was very excited about her first band trip.  She also gets to go back tomorrow to do a vocal solo.  Steven will be taking her to that.   So Rman and I will get to spend a little time together while they are gone.

Speaking of, right before Spring Break he enrolled for high school.   High.  School.   That does not even seem possible.   The years have flown by.   I am so proud of the person he is becoming.   I am a little nervous for him but he has flourished in every environment he has been in so I don't know why this would be any different.  I should be excited for him and the experiences he will get to have.

He will do band as an elective but also wants to do shop.  That surprised me just a little bit but I also think it's cool that he chose that.   He wants to learn how to do metal cutting and use tools to build stuff.  

This school year is almost over.  They have both done so well, especially considering all that we have gone through!

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