Sunday, March 27, 2011

Joyful Day

As a parent, one of my prayers for my children has been that one day they will make the decision to become followers of Christ.  Not because Mom and Dad say they have to or because their friends are doing it but because they felt God calling them to follow Him.

R-man made the decision 3 years ago and was baptized 2 years ago.  Princess asked Jesus into her heart two years (a very special moment for me while we were on the walking trail).  We told her that she would eventually need to be baptized but we would let her decide when she was ready.  Right before Christmas she decided she was ready to be "bapnitized" as she called it. 

We said we would talk to the pastor but apparently we didn't do it fast enough for her liking because one Sunday after church she approached him herself and said she was ready.

So we set today up as the big day.  She was very excited, not only because she was being baptized but because she was singing a solo with her children's choir AND with the adult choir.  Wow!  She was a little nervous about the adult choir solo but I told her it was OK to be nervous--I still get nervous sometimes when I sing.  I gave her a little tip.  "If it bothers you to look at the people, look at the wall in the back.  That way it seems like you're looking at the people when you're really not"  She told me after church that she used my tip! 

 My parents and grandparents.  They came for Princess's big day.
 Two sweet girls!
She was so earnest and sincere during her baptism.  It was a very special and sweet day for me.  Her good friend was also baptized today.  It was extra special because her parents are some of our best friends.  Two sweet girls giving their lives to Christ.  What could be better than that?

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