Monday, February 28, 2011

Puff the Magic Dragon and other sad songs

Princess has started listening to Puff the Magic Dragon.  And when I say "listen", I mean put it in her CD player on repeat and listen to it over and over and get my drift.  She listens to it going to sleep at night and it is still playing when I wake her up in the morning. 

That gives me plenty of time to hear it.  The other day I started really thinking about the words.  OK....big mistake.  Have you ever thought about the words?  It's basically about a little boy who plays with his magic dragon friend.  Then one day the little boy outgrows the magic and the pretend play.  Puff the Dragon is so sad and goes into his cave never to be heard from again.

Now I don't know about you, but as a mother of a little boy that is about to turn 10 and growing up way too fast, this song is incredibly sad!  It makes me think of all the things that R man has loved but has now outgrown.

It started out with his little red car.
He loved being pushed around in this.  He also liked to watch the wheels turn and fell out on his noggin a time or two. 

The next phase was "The Wiggles".  He could watch this show for hours and pretended to be Captain Feathersword.  I had to pretend to blow and he would fall down.  Oh to be able to play that game again!

Next came Thomas the Tank Engine.  He had a train set that got us through potty training.  I used it as "incentive" (read--a bribe).  This was the train table and boxes of trains that used to be in the dining room.

He has also loved Hot Wheels, "Dukes of Hazzard", "Star Wars", and "Indiana Jones".  And Legos, we can't forget the love affair he still has with the Legos! 

All of these little boys things are passing much too quickly for me.  And try as I might to seize the moment, I find myself bogged down with worrying about cleaning or errands or twenty million other things that need to be done.  I only hope that I will take the time to treasure these moments before they are gone!  The laundry, the dirt, the errands will still be here when he's gone...

I love you!  Mom.

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